Chris Staats, Chief Observation Officer

Welcome. I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up despite over half a century thinking about it. I’m an aspiring writer. I’m an aspiring genealogist. I’m an aspiring guitar player. I’m an aspiring photographer. I do a lot of aspiring. At my age, though, I better get moving before I expire. For those that have visited this site in the past for the family history posts: no worries – genealogy will certainly make an appearance here.

I’m an observer of things. My world seems to operate differently than many people’s. Simple tasks are often filled with twists, turns, and wonderment. I am struck suddenly by strange interpretations of the normally commonplace. I query the Universe. Sometimes it answers, but usually it answers my question with another question. Social media has previously been the place where I document these adventures, but re-imagining my formerly genealogy-only blog made sense. My thoughts, musings, and ramblings never quite fit the expected brevity of social, anyways. This blog allows those who want to share in the madness an opportunity for a conscious decision to to click a link rather than see my text onslaught in their news feed and have to spin that mouse scroll wheel past it like they’re on the Wheel of Fortune. Join me on the journey, won’t you?