Need a speaker for your society, library, or archive? Below are the topics I am currently offering. I’m always interested in developing new ideas. If you have something specific your group may be interested in that you’ve not seen elsewhere, I’d love to hear from you. While most scheduled dates can be found on the “See Me!” section of the home page, please contact me for availability and rates: chris@staatsofohio.com.


  • Beyond the Docket Books: Digging For Gold In Probate Packets
  • Buried Treasure: Finding Your Ancestors in Ohio’s Local Government Records Collection
  • Making Sense of Metes and Bounds
  • Order In the Court! A Brief History of Ohio Courts and the Records They Created
  • Power Platting: Technology Tools to Create Pictures From Property Descriptions
  • Where Does It Say That? Learning to Love Indirect Evidence
  • Unlocking the Keystone State: Key Resources and Repositories for Pennsylvania Research
  • Using Deeds In Your Genealogical Research: Location Isn’t Everything
  • Using Google Books: Five Ideas For Genealogical Success

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