Wordless Wednesday: Family Letter, 1896

This post could also be titled, “Chris tries to remember how to use Adobe Flash”.  It came out okay – the only problem is that the video compression sped it up, so you will have to read fast!

This is definitely one of my family treasures. So treasure-ful that it couldn’t wait until “Treasure Chest Thursday.” This is a letter written by my great grandfather, Wilber Staats, to his parents, Dr. Alexander A. Staats and Margaret (Summers) Staats, as he prepares to “leave the nest” and head West to visit his sister and brother-in-law in Montana. Oops – I used words! No more words – just videos:

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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Family Letter, 1896

  1. This is a nice video. You did not put word on images but images on word, great idea.

  2. avatar Terri Kallio says:

    Very nice! I would have loved to hear you reading the letter along with the slides………. Great way to share your treasures!