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After my own struggle to name my genealogy company and a recent thread of the same topic on the Rootsweb Transitional Genealogists Forum, I decided to reveal the names and marketing slogans from a brainstorming session that didn’t make the final cut for one reason or another. Feel free to use any of these if you think they fit your needs.

Best Guess Genealogical Services – “Why waste valuable research time breaking through brick walls? Using our hi-tech programs and “CloseEnough” algorithm, we’ll take the human element out of research so you can’t blame us later.”

Ouija! – “Let your own ancestors spell it out for you!”

Looking Past the Obvious – “Our advisors can create a compelling mystery out of the simplest of cases. We will never finish before the maximum time you’ve allotted – we promise.”

Family Fabrication – “The only guaranteed-results genealogical company! If we can’t find your family, we’ll craft a well-told, fascinating, “based on real events” story you can post on the internet and pass on for generations

Relatively Accurate Genealogy – “It’s a pretty safe bet that your ancestors are related.  Each family we put together is probably going to have the same last name.”

Family Tree DNA Discoveries: Examining Your Twig and Berries– “We won’t settle for a mere cheek-swab”

Searching For A Clue – “Need research assistance? So do we.”

Ancestral Acquiescence – “Looking for an Indian Princess? Think you’re related to royalty? Then who are we to disagree? We’ll write up your history just as you envisioned it.”

Yesteryear’s Research Tomorrow – “As the name implies – we’ll break down your brick walls…and we hope to get to that tomorrow.”

Who Do I Think You Are? – “Send me your mother’s maiden name, your social security number, and a bank account number. The results may surprise you. ”


10 Names I Decided Not To Use For My Genealogy Company — 3 Comments

  1. These are too funny! Here is a name you would not want… No Source Tree Company… We make up the tree so you don’t have to worry about citing any sources. Of course we start with Charlemagne.

    🙂 Gwynn