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Discovering Clues To Date Your Old Photographs

When: Thu, May 27, 2010 10:00 AM – Thu, May 27, 2010 12:00 PM
Where: Morley Library,184 Phelps Street Painesville, OH 44077-3976Map

Lake County Genealogical Society

Discovering Clues To Date Your Old Photographs (Kelly Holderbaum, Summit County, OGS) A Workshop – bring some of your own photos.

For more info about the Lake County Genealogical Society and their upcoming events, see: http://www.morleylibrary.org/genealogy_lcgs.htm

Thursday will be a busy day for me, but I plan to get out to this meeting. In preparation, I am posting a couple of photos that I will be taking copies of to see if I can get some idea as to timeframe. For this project, I am rustling up one of my favorite surnames: the McGinnis family. If anyone would like to shout out their thoughts, shout away!

Picture #1: This picture was sent to me by a relative of William McGinnis (1850-1902). She believes that William is in the bottom right. But there is no indication who the other men in the photo are. In order to take an educated guess, I need to know approximately when the photo was taken and haven’t made much progress. Any takers?

Mystery Men. One is surely William McGinnis, but when was this taken?

Picture #2/3: These two photos were sent to me by the same cousin. According to her information these are the parents of William- James McGinnis (1819-1893) and Elizabeth Moore (1831-1910). However, I’m not sure that these pictures go together, or that the man is James McGinnis. He looks much more like photos of his son, Harvey McGinnis, but there are no other pictures of James that I am aware of for comparison. The woman does, in fact, look like Elizabeth, based on other photos. I would like to find out when these photos were taken to determine their identity as accurately as possible.

James and Elizabeth? Harvey and Ella May? Harvey and Elizabeth? "Time" will tell!

Hope to see you local folks Thursday!

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