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Salome Doney Looking (not) Happy

The twenty-eighth of February, 1933 is not a day that Salome (Doney) Mowrey will likely note as one of her best. This might be due to the fact that it was her last.  Perhaps her husband, Jeremiah Mowery would have thought it to be a good day, had he not predeceased her by four years. That is of course, assuming he felt similar to Jeeter Lester, a character from one of 1933’s top novels – Tobacco Road by Erskine Caldwell.  Jeeter says concerning his wife, “Why, Ada here never… never spoke a word to me for the first ten years we was married. Heh! Them was the happiest ten years of my life.”

But I prefer to think that Jeremiah and Salome had a loving relationship. In fact, I can document at least 13 instances of loving between them (namely: James, Elizabeth, George, Moses, Margaret, Kate, John, Ida, Ellen, Cora, Edna, Ellen, Bess, and Alonzo). And believe me, after 6 or 7, they must REALLY have been into loving each other to find times and places to end up with a grand total of 13. So maybe instead, had Jeremiah still been alive, he would be singing this hit from 1933 to his lovely wife:

Earlier, I said that Salome might not have listed this as a good day. Maybe because she died that day, but she had a couple other reasons not to be happy. In Germany, things were degenerating as President Von Hindenburg abolished free expression of opinion and Hitler disallowed the German  communist party (KPD).  Back in the States, the financial crisis was in full bloom – so much so that the following day, March 1, six states would declare bank holidays to prevent runs on their banks.

But the major reason Salome was upset was that she knew her days were numbered, and was deeply, deeply saddened that she probably wouldn’t be able to get to Radio City Music Hall for the March 2nd premier of King Kong. Had she lived to see the remake, she REALLY would be sad. I think they had better effects in the 1933 version.

Comparisons between modern time and those of 1933 make ME sad. The average price of a house in 1933 was $5,739 and the average car was $550. You may be thinking, “Man, that’s cheap. No wonder Chris is sad.”  Unfortunately you would be wrong. I’m sad because in today’s market that is about what my house is currently worth. And if I don’t get my wife’s car fixed, it will soon be pre-1933 in value.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your trip to 1933 – at least a little more than Salome did. For you regular readers – thank you for stopping by again. For any new readers, I hope you keep coming back and I would like to leave you with this thought – stated much more eloquently than I could  in another hit of 1933:

G’night everyone…(g’night Grandma Doney – you know I’m kidding, right?)

Note: All notes from this date are taken from a search for “28 Feb 1933” on the website http://dmarie.com/timecap/step1.asp and are in response to Randy Seaver’s awesome blog idea: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. The YouTube videos are not the original artists, but the closest or most interesting versions I could quickly find. And here you thought YouTube was All-Powerful.


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  1. Well done, good and creative blogger!

    Perhaps you’ve started a new way to work with SNGF. I may use your idea as a way for SNGFers to create a family story.