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In this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Randy Seaver challenged us to find our first blog or website in the wayback machine. Unfortunately, the Wayback machine did not archive my earliest site – nor any of my “early” ones.  However, the trip down memory lane got me visiting some of the websites that got me started with internet research. Most of these are still around today, but look a little different. Do any of these jog your memory? Images are compressed to fit in the space, yet still be readable. To see the page as it existed, click on the title of each.

Ancestry (2000):

FamilySearch (2000):

Genealogy.com (2000):

USGenWeb.org (2000):

And finally, while the Wayback was not able to find my old pages – I was. This page is probably the second revision of my page. The first one actually looked cooler, but in retrospect, I think they are both about as dated as sock hops and 80s hairdos:

Chris Staats’ Genealogy Page (2004):

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