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It’s OGS Conference Time! — 2 Comments

  1. Have you been to other OGS conferences? If so, how would you rate this one in comparison? I’m curious because this was my first genealogy conference and I was disappointed overall. I’m local to the Toledo area and I was curious as to whether the location had anything to do with it (meaning perhaps they weren’t able to negotiate good rates for facilities and amenities).

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this, because I truly don’t know for sure if my expectations were too high. I know that the OGS typically has the lowest turnout when the conference is held in Toledo, and I wondered if perhaps that was a contributing factor.

  2. Hi Valerie –

    This was my second OGS conference, having attended last year’s conference at Sawmill Creek in Huron. I didn’t stay there (commuted daily from the east side of Cleveland), but the facilities at Sawmill Creek were much nicer than Seagate – both the conference areas and the hotel. For me, that was the only negative this year. I’m not sure what the attendance was this year compared to last. It did seem as though I kept seeing the same people, so perhaps it was lower than last year.
    All but one of the presentations I attended were excellent – and that one was simply because it was a little too basic for me. I had at least one really good thing to take away from each lecture I attended. I thought a number of the presenters were fantastic. I changed up my schedule a bit from what I posted here, but I’ll summarize those changes and make a few quick comments in a separate post.
    Which lectures did you attend? Last year, I really didn’t know who any of the speakers were, so I ended up in a few that were not that great (although not bad). This year, I had a better idea who to go see, so I only ended up with the one I mentioned that was a little below expectations. In a number of the lectures I went to, there were one or more other presenters in attendance during their “down time”, so I must have chosen well!
    Overall, I loved it – great lectures and met some great people. Especially if you commuted, for $65 (or whatever the daily cost worked out to be), there was a ton of info packed in short amount of time!