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So here was my random, cool thought for the genealogical week: Using people from your genealogical data, how far separated are you from famous figures in American history? Let’s start with George Washington…since he’s the one that got me wondering.

Here’s my theoretical connection:

  1. I’ve shaken hands with my grandfather, Walter Staats.
  2. Walter Staats has shaken hands with his grandfather (my gg grandfather), Alexander A. Staats.
  3. Alexander Staats, although only 6 years old when his grandfather died, may have shaken his grandfather, Elijah Staats’ hand (my gggg grandfather)
  4. Elijah Staats was an Original Proprietor of a 1797 Ohio Company land grant from Rufus Putnam. Did he shake hands with Rufus…I’m gonna go with ya, he did, otherwise I’ve typed items 1-3 for nothing. The deed was signed by both parties, so even that’s close enough!
  5. Rufus Putnam, as an associate of George Washington, shook his hand.

There you have it – 5 degrees of separation between me and George Washington. I’ll have to think if I can come up with any less-removed connection on my tree.

What about you?


6 Degrees Of Separation (Genealogy-Style): George Washington — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent !!!! Love it!!! 5 degrees between you and the great George. I have just researched this subject for an article for my website – http://www.selfhope.co.uk and I find the whole thing incredibly fascinating. So much so that I am about to conduct an experiment of my own to determine its accuracy. I am inspired by the whole thing, and as I write a self help web site I think this whole subject challenges people to ever feel alone, and will therefore give them some hope – after all company is just 6 (or in your case 5) steps away. Well done, and thankyou

  2. Dale-

    Thanks for the kind words. Out of curiosity, given the subject, I wondered how many degrees might be between you and I. We live on different continents, have never met or corresponded until your post, and at first I thought it might be futile. However, I took a look at your facebook profile, and I think I might be able to get closer than I thought. In fact, we might just be three degrees separated! In fact, with an amazing bit of luck, I wonder if we can’t come as close as two degrees? I’ll message you through facebook later today with the details.

  3. Hmmmm – how very ineresting – i look forward to hearing from you. Who knows by the end of next week we may be having dinner together – now wouldnt that make a story?! Exciting