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6 Degrees Of Separation (Genealogy-Style): George Washington — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent !!!! Love it!!! 5 degrees between you and the great George. I have just researched this subject for an article for my website – http://www.selfhope.co.uk and I find the whole thing incredibly fascinating. So much so that I am about to conduct an experiment of my own to determine its accuracy. I am inspired by the whole thing, and as I write a self help web site I think this whole subject challenges people to ever feel alone, and will therefore give them some hope – after all company is just 6 (or in your case 5) steps away. Well done, and thankyou

  2. Dale-

    Thanks for the kind words. Out of curiosity, given the subject, I wondered how many degrees might be between you and I. We live on different continents, have never met or corresponded until your post, and at first I thought it might be futile. However, I took a look at your facebook profile, and I think I might be able to get closer than I thought. In fact, we might just be three degrees separated! In fact, with an amazing bit of luck, I wonder if we can’t come as close as two degrees? I’ll message you through facebook later today with the details.

  3. Hmmmm – how very ineresting – i look forward to hearing from you. Who knows by the end of next week we may be having dinner together – now wouldnt that make a story?! Exciting