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Time for my monthly checkup. This month I’ve color-coded things to make it easier at a glance to see what I’ve done. Green indicates that I have at least worked on that area. Red…well, what does red usually mean? As busy as I’ve been, at least some progress was made.

1. Attend at least 2 seminars in addition to the OGS Annual conference

In addition to the OGS Conference next month, I am attending a presentation by Elissa Scalise Powell about writing research reports. Perhaps this will get me going on Goal #11

2. Become active in 2 indexing projects, including one Familysearch project

I’m still indexing for Familysearch, although I’ve been idle lately. I upgraded my operating system to WIndows 7 awhile ago, and finally re-installed the indexing software last week. I did email Centre County, PA asking about helping with indexing projects, but not being local makes it tough. I’ll have to look around good ole Cleveland

3. Take steps towards BCG certification

Like many dead things, it has not been reanimated 🙂

4. Join a ProGen group

After my order got lost the first time, I finally got one in the mail and have been put on the waiting list for the next ProGen group. Check!

5. Familiarize myself with the Cuyahoga County Archives and the records held there

Puppy, take 2

6. Explore conducting a beginning genealogy class at the Euclid Library

I am going to email the library and ask about interest in this and go from there. If there’s no interest, I can change this to green and not have to lift a finger…okay, 1 finger.

7. Become comfortable citing sources without the “wizard”

Last month: “Trying, but still have to refer to the books, and am never sure whether it’s right or not.” This month: see last month

8. Document ALL negative searches

Unfortunately, all I have had to document are negative searches 🙁

9. Fill out PA and OH research for Elijah Staats and complete a research report

This one is green, but it I haven’t gotten to the report phase yet. New information is on deck, although I don’t think there will be any new revelations, although it does pose some new questions

10. Account for all of the shares in the property left in the estate of Jacob Staats, d. 1783 Appoquinimink Hundred, New Castle, DE
Last month I said, “Good thing there are 11 more months…” …good thing there 10 more months.

11. Complete 2 other 2-3 generation research reports.

While not exactly a stellar report, I did prepare a short discussion about Sarah Richardson, the mother of Elijah Staats. I want to fill that out a little more, but at least progress is made!


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  1. If you don’t have any luck at the library, see if your area has community education classes through the school system. Several years ago I did a few beginner classes as well as town history. They charge $10-15 per person taking classes and you can charge extra for supplies like handouts.The teachers make a flat fee, not by number of students.

    One library near here lets volunteers come to the library in their genealogy section a few hours a week, but this is usually a long term project.