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Updates have been scarce, so let me first apologize. By way of explanation, we adopted a new puppy from the Euclid Animal Shelter where my son volunteers. This new puppy, Ziggy, has eaten up much of my free time…as well as my shoe, my belt, my coat sleeve, and many other things lying around since the last time we puppy-proofed our house.

I posted early last month about the things I want to get done this year. While the genealogy goals/New Year’s resolutions, were a trend sweeping across genealogy blogs, I hope that by posting monthly updates I can track my progress. I will see on a regular basis where I am doing well, and where I might be falling flat. Without further adieu on with the review:

1. Attend at least 2 seminars in addition to the OGS Annual conference
I registered for the OGS seminar and regularly check for additional courses/seminars. None of interest yet.

2. Become active in 2 indexing projects, including one Familysearch project

I did in fact register and begin indexing for FamilySearch. While not prolific, I have indexed a number of pages from various projects. Very cool and easy way to contribute to the genealogy community. I need to contact the Centre County PA Room to see if there are any local projects there that I can contribute to remotely.

3. Take steps towards BCG certification

Dead in the water 🙂

4. Join a ProGen group

I ordered the book a month ago and still haven’t received it. Still waiting…and then I can join the ProGen waiting list to wait some more 🙂

5. Familiarize myself with the Cuyahoga County Archives and the records held there

See the puppy comments above.

6. Explore conducting a beginning genealogy class at the Euclid Library

Something I still want to pursue, but am having trouble figuring out how to get started.

7. Become comfortable citing sources without the “wizard”

Trying, but still have to refer to the books, and am never sure whether it’s right or not.

8. Document ALL negative searches

Actually did better in this regard in a recent trip to Centre County. Now I need to get the information out of my notes and into the database…and do that every trip or search.

9. Fill out PA and OH research for Elijah Staats and complete a research report

Still waiting for some microfilm. I just never quite feel like it’s “done enough” to start writing about the family history.

10. Account for all of the shares in the property left in the estate of Jacob Staats, d. 1783 Appoquinimink Hundred, New Castle, DE
Good thing there are 11 more months…

11. Complete 2 other 2-3 generation research reports.
Too bad there are only 11 more months…

Let’s see what next month holds! How are your goals moving along?


February Progress Report: Genealogical Goals of 2010 — 2 Comments

  1. Chris, I noticed your goal of getting involved in FamilySearch Indexing. I am working with FamilySearch right now to understand how people perceive FamilySearch Indexing projects, so we can get more people involved. I’m wondering if you have time for a call at some point, so I can understand why you chose to do a FamilySearch project and learn more about you. Just reach me via email if you can find the time. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for getting in touch and starting the dialog, Jim! See you ’round the indexing site,