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While many of my New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, I have managed to act on a few. Yesterday, I signed up for the Familysearch indexing program . As most of you are probably aware, the Familysearch pilot site is the interface for a tremendous effort by the LDS to digitize and index source records. I often thought about volunteering, but for one reason or another, always put it off.

No more! I signed up, and so far I have indexed two whole 1910 census pages. Using the software interface that you download when you sign up, I probably spent 15-20 minutes on each page. At first, I thought that my 2 pages was a pretty meager effort. Thinking about it, however, I was probably one of hundreds of people working on that census. Assuming they were doing as little as I was, that’s well over 1000 pages of the 1910 census that got indexed – all with a pretty minimal effort by any one individual.

It strikes me that indexing a few pages here and there as I have time is pretty small price to pay for being able to access all these records and their indexes as they are put online. I hope that you’ll consider joining in the project.

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