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Genealogical Goals for 2010:

Taking my cue from Randy Seaver , I am setting some goals for the coming year and this crazy pursuit of genealogy. As you will see, only two of these goals are family-specific research goals. The rest are professional development goals intended to elevate the level of my research, no matter what the family. I’ve tried to make them as measurable as I can so that as 2011 approaches, I  can look back and see the progress (or lack thereof) and smile.

1.    Attend at least 2 seminars in addition to the OGS Annual conference

I loved last year’s OGS conference, and am eagerly looking forward to this years. I even get inducted into the First Families of Ohio lineage group! However, there were a number of other seminars I had planned on going to that, for one reason or another, never made it to. This year, I want to get to at least two additional lecures/seminars

2.    Become active in 2 indexing projects, including one Familysearch project.

One project I am interested in is transcribing the Common Pleas index in the basement of the PA Room in Bellefonte. The index is by defendant only and difficult to use. I’d also like to get involved with the Familysearch indexing project

3.    Take steps towards BCG certification

While some of these other goals could indirectly lead to completion of some of the certification requirements, I want to make a separate goal to be sure that in meeting these goals, that they also meet BCG standards.

4.    Join a ProGen group

While I can certainly learn on my own, I prefer the pressure of getting things done on someone else’s schedule. Also, hearing other folks with different approaches to the same material is invaluable.

5.    Familiarize myself with the Cuyahoga County Archives and the records held there

I haven’t done much research in this area, but if I ever decide to take a stab at professional genealogy, I probably better know my way around the Archives

6.    Explore conducting a beginning genealogy class at the Euclid Library

Having done some other kinds of training and limited classroom stuff, I’d love to combine a passion for genealogy and helping other folks learn. They have a pretty active calendar, but no genealogy-related classes, so the opening is there to be filled if I can convince myself to do it.

7.    Become comfortable citing sources without the “wizard”

Self-explanatory. I want to be able to type it out, not fill it in.

8.    Document ALL negative searches

Once I manage Goal #7, I have to remember to do it even when I don’t find something!

9.    Fill out PA and OH research for Elijah Staats and complete a research report.

I’ve collected quite an array of documents and information about the family of Elijah Staats. I’d like to round out my research and get it into a narrative form (keeping goal #3 in mind)

10.   Account for all of the shares in the property left in the estate of Jacob Staats, d. 1783 Appoquinimink Hundred, New Castle, DE

The 1/8ths…the dreaded 1/8ths! If I could just get find something telling me who got all the damn shares! How would they have ever known whether the purchaser had clear title with all these interests in the land outstanding?

11.   Complete 2 other 2-3 generation research reports.

I said “complete”, not “think about” which is what I did all this year!

I could go on, but this will be far challenge enough! What are your goals?


Genealogical Goals for 2010 — 2 Comments

  1. I figured if I put it down in writing, I’d be more likely to follow through with them. So far, so good. I signed up and began indexing at Familysearch. I also ordered a copy of the book for the ProGen study group and will get on a waiting list once I have a chance to take a look at it. So I’m off to a good start – let’s see if I can keep the momentum rolling!