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If many of you are like me and forget to keep a research log of your activities, perhaps this is a new way to try to keep track of what you’ve done. I’ve worked hard to improve my documentation and citation skills (despite my deep-seated aversion to following writing style standards!), however, I’m still awfully bad at recording negative searches. Plus, it might be kind of cool to be able to look back in a slightly more narrative form – at all the things I’ve worked on.  With all that in mind:

FHC Research Log: Week of 14 Dec 2009

FHC film # 0902133, Belmont County Ohio Record of Deaths v. 1-4, 1867-1908

General notes: Volume 1 indexed in the front, actual records organized by date. Vols. 2-4 are not indexed, but are organized by year, first letter of surname, and then by date.  Although the books include columns for mother and father names – it was very rarely recorded.

Main search was for Staats deaths – looking primarily for Benoni, but any others also.  No luck. Did find one “States”, which I’ll have to see if I can find in my database.

No Summers. I had hoped to find the death record of Amy (Summers) Estep who supposedly died in 1872 in Belmont County. I found a small child which was probably hers, but no record of her death.  Interestingly enough, the child’s death, as well as the rest in that group, were reported by her father, Dr. William Estep.

I did find a few Hamilton, Barnett, and related family deaths – most of which I had a date for already in information from Steve Botley.

Ordered the following microfilms:

FHL# 0940999: Washington County, OH Deed Records V. 6-8, 1798-1804.

FHL# 0940990: Washington County, OH Grantor Index K-Z, 1788-1874.

FHL# 0940994: Washington County, OH Grantee Index Q-Z, 1788-1874.

FHL# 0930100: Noble County, OH Record of Deaths, 1867-1909. (Now on permanant loan at the Kirtland FHC)


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  1. with regard to the 1872 death – have you considered checking the area newspaper around that time frame for a death date?