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Today, I made a landmark decision: I am merging the Staats and Delaware Staats databases – at least those families that are connected via Elijah Staats. The Staats database is my main database – the one which represents all of the research I have done since the beginnning – even those entries that were thrown in before I knew about proper documentation and methodology! The Delaware Staats database is a project-specific database created by my work in primary Delaware records concerning the Staats families of New Castle, DE. I feel I have a strong enough connection between them, and in order to consolidate and avoid duplication (or omission) I am merging at the point of my gggg grandfather, Elijah Staats.

This merge is not necessarily that startling (especially to those who aren’t a Staats!), but what is new is the fact that I am citing David Staats as the father of Elijah. In the past, genealogists have listed Elijah as the son of Jacob Staats, and understandably so. This was presumably based on the fact that in a deed dated 7 Oct 1800, he transfers his interest of land to John Callahan – an interest that is recorded as coming to him by his father, Jacob Staats Senior. However, my further research – particularly that research in Delaware probate and land records – has determined that in fact, Jacob Staats Senior is most likely his grandfather and has uncovered reasonable evidence that David is Elijah’s father.

My Genealogy Site will be updated shortly to reflect this merge, but I have a few sources to add first. This brings up another point I would like to address. I do this because I love it. I would spend the money to chase these dead people even if the internet didn’t exist. The thing the internet allows me to do, is share my findings with the world. I encourage you to use anything from my sites that you find of use. However, I ask that you do so completely. If you copy the names, dates, and relationships, please take the extra few minutes to include the sources and my contact information. If you post this info to your own site, please credit me. I ask this not because I am interested in being credited. I ask this because if somewhere down the road, someone is interested in contacting me about something I’ve worked on, I would like them to be able to do so with as little investigative work as possible. I also encourage you to investigate my findings. If you have conflicting information, alternate theories, whatever – please check into what I’ve done and feel free to contact me.

In the coming weeks and months, I will attempt to put together a paper stating my conclusions and the evidence supporting them. This will be limited by time and the evaluation of new and continuing evidence concerning Elijah. AS recently as oh….yesterday, I found some new and interesting leads concerning the relationship between John Callahan and Elijah Staats. So before I get too carried away writing, I want to chase down a little more info. I am also waiting on microfilm of the original Quaker records from Westland MM and a few other sources that may lend some more clarity to the search. Either that or it will shroud things deeper in mystery!

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