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Would Genealogy Interest You If You Were Handed the Answers? — 3 Comments

  1. Ah, yes. It’s the hunt that has enthralled me for the past two decades. My research has concentrated on my Mother’s side of the family because no one else has done it! I have a cousin on my father’s side who has done a lot of work on his family lines, and she’s given me copies of much of what she has. As a result, I’ve only done a little work myself on two of those lines. There is NOTHING like finding an elusive record or document in the courthouse. Sifting through the dust and grime, sneezing like crazy sometimes, but oh so much fun!

  2. I, too, got handed a list going back to circa 800 A.D.
    The history was interesting. That I question if I’m related to the lord or to a bondsman working his land is not addressed in the material. Suffice that there is some sort of link, given that the name is so unusual and has been in the family since before swimming the pond.
    Now, do I accept all this at face value? Of course not. I’ve already found, in two other lines, that the connecting person never existed. So this one might be doubtful, too. But the history was interesting.
    And I’m still working on that early 19th century stuff.

  3. I have also had a “complete” list handed to me, and found it to be lacking in correctness. The fun has been in finding the sources and making the corrections, which always seem to lead to other sources and other information.

    The detective work is the fun, to me. The “Aha!” moments, the serendipitous discoveries, the capture of a document that leads to others — that is what makes it worthwhile.

    Those who, in my daughter’s terminology, “plex” about how “hard” it is to find documents, who insist that it should be all online, complete and free, are not genealogists or family historians. They are dilettantes who do not realize where the real pleasure lies.

    Pity them.