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I have to admit, having pressed our board to let me create a page for the East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society, I dropped the ball at first. I made a few initial posts, and no one really responded. I made a few more and still not much response. After awhile, I neglected to keep up with the page other than updating the “next meeting” info.

On October 28th, I attended a meeting of the Cleveland District Roundtable – which is a gathering of representatives from all the various Cleveland-area  genealogy societies. This was the first of these I’ve attended, and one of the topics on the agenda was using facebook for genealogy societies. I spoke quite a bit in support of social media – maybe a little too much so, as I’ve been tapped to speak about the subject at next summer’s Ohio Genealogical Society’s Chapter Management seminar. I was asked plenty of questions after the meeting, and it really inspired me to do a little more with this

Driving home from meeting, I decided that if I was going to speak about using facebook for your genealogical society, I better start using facebook for MY genealogical society. Honestly, I didn’t have a detailed plan in mind, but decided to try two things:

1) I would change the cover photo on a regular basis to different pictures from Cleveland’s history
2) I would post some “popular” genealogy links. I also figured that the posts would get more exposure if I shared them on my own page.

So how much work did I put in, and did it work? A looking at the graph below pretty clearly shows some dramatic results. You can see what immediately happened on October 28 – the date I changed the cover photo and made a post. I shared both on my own wall. It literally took me a combined total of less than 10 minutes to post those seven links and add a comment. Reach went from 10 views on Oct 27th to 117 by October 31 – more than 10 times the level it was just four days earlier. Better yet, it has stayed at that level, and probably will as long as I continue to post regularly.

I’m convinced. There is no doubt that with a minimal amount of effort, you can greatly increase your society’s exposure. The cool thing is that this little trial is only about two weeks old, so who knows how far this graphic could expand. Will more exposure lead to more members? Maybe, maybe not, but people aren’t going to join if they don’t know about you. And younger people certainly aren’t going to join if you don’t have a presence where they are likely to find you.

This is an experiment in progress.  If you’d like to be part of it, please visit our page, “like” it, then post a comment or two or three. Post a link to your society’s page and we can like each other. See how sweet all of this is? I like it. Coming Soon to East Cuyahoga: Twitter? …well, maybe not quite yet – one social media step at a time.

Activity on the ECCGS FAcbook page


Facebook Increases Awareness of the East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society — 2 Comments

  1. Great strategy! I may have to use it for a Facebook page I may be creating soon for one of my local gen societies.

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    • Hey thanks, Taneya. I’ve found just a little bit of effort really increases the exposure of a page. And sorry about the delay posting your comment- it ended up in the spam filter. Bad blog, bad!