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Yes, it’s time to break down and file for that extra time. I don’t regret going on the clock and not getting done within the year. I’ve had a lot of other things going on – speaking, writing, as well as working, family, etc, etc — and all those things are good things. I would have liked to have gotten a little bit farther along in the process by this point, but that’s okay.

The primary benefit of my time spent being on the clock is simply the fact that certification is always on my mind as I do whatever genealogical activity it is I’m doing. Even though I haven’t finished the portfolio components, I think it has helped increase my quality of work simply by reminding me that I want to meet the standards each and every time out of the gate. The cool thing is, that even after I successfully submit my portfolio (not if – when!) those standards will stay stuck in my brain. They can keep all the other weird things that are lodged there company!


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  1. It’s a much better idea to take the extra time now, Chris. Good for you for being candid with yourself and not trying to rush it.

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    • Sorry, Judy – your comment went to the spam folder. Lots of problems with that lately– even my own comments (which is probably a good place for them)