“Things That Happened on This Day” Thursdays

With all the “Tombstone Tuesdays” and Wordless Wednesdays”, I thought I would try something new today. I’ll call it “Things That Happened on This Day” Thursdays. Can you guess what sort of things will be posted? If you said “Things that happened on this day,” you were absolutely correct. Without further adieu, let’s get to it:

Today in 1882, Samuel Johns died in Clover Twp, Jefferson, PA. Samuel is a brick wall of the highest construction standards. He seems to make an appearance in the records of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lebanon, PA in 1806 – being baptized with six other Johns children – some presumably his brothers and sisters, others most likely half-brothers and sisters. It is not certain that this is actually the right Samuel, but it’s a reasonable assumption. Then, they all disappear. Samuel doesn’t make an appearance until 1821, when he is married at the same Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church (that is another story for another day).
All of Samuel and wife, Magdalena’s, children are baptized there except the youngest, John Johns. They make the trek in 1838 from Lebanon, arriving in Jefferson County PA in 1840. From that point forward, the family is well-documented. We even have family reunions on the fourth Saturday of July every year.
However, there is no further evidence of the fate of the suspected father (Jacob Johns) nor any of the other children who were baptized at the same time as Samuel, or any evidence of Samuel in the years between is baptism and marriage.
Learn more about Samuel here.

Samuel Johns: from Brookville Democrat, 26 Apr 1882, Brookville, PA

Samuel Johns: from Brookville Democrat, 26 Apr 1882, Brookville, PA

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