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Just The Right Time: Revisiting My Genealogy Beginnings — 2 Comments

  1. Chris,
    Have you made any headway into locating Gerson Doney, Sr.’s parents yet? I have seen a lot of “leads” through Ancestry.com, some documented, some not, that say the think they know. One was the Ralph Albert-Zimmerman Family (unsourced) that states Jacob Doney was father and Elizabeth Lentz was mother. Others list fathers as John Nicholas Doney or John Adam Doney, but all seem to think that mother was Elizabeth Lentz/Lintz. Very curious. Since Gerson, Sr. was not listed in Nicholas and/or Elizabeth Doney’s wills from Rocton, Clearfield County, Pa. (where they lived) I don’t believe they are his parents. Uncle and Aunt, maybe, but not parents. What do you think?

    Also, I noticed that you graduated from Fullsail University. My son is interested in going there, but the price tag is so out of reach, I’ve suggested he go into the service first and let Uncle Sam pay for his college education. He’s interested in film special effects.etc. He’s going to Junior College right now and transferring to Ball State University next year to pursue Information Technology as a way to get into his field of interest. Any recommendations?

    Steve Weaver
    (Kathy Doney’s husband)

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  2. Hi Steve,
    I’d love to tell you all about my successes in documenting good old Gerson, but I haven’t really done much since that trip to Northumberland how-many-ever years ago. I have started poking around in the PA probate records that have come online, but haven’t seriously sat down to work through anything on the Doney line yet. You’ve done much more work than I have on this – maybe one day I can catch up!

    Full Sail was a little pricey when I went as well. It was a pretty new program at that time, and while I think the “university” tag might be a bit much, it did open the door to the industry to me with not a whole lot of prior experience. Many of my classmates are doing pretty well in various segments of the industry. I did get a job working in a professional studio, which I did for about three years. After our second son was born, I decided to find something a little more 9-to-5. I think the key to getting into a field like that is a combination of as much hands-on experience as you can get and building a network of friends and contacts to help you find the openings and get your name out there.

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