HomeFamily Findings“Elijah Staat’s Estate” : I guess the papers had trouble with my ancestors’ name, too

I guess the American press has been screwing up my name for a long, long time. Below is a copy from the 17 Jan 1845 edition of the Woodsfield, OH Spirit of Democracy . As you can see, not only did they get confused by the name (although they did get it right in the notice for partition), I’m sure they chuckled a little about the Staats Estate. I get mail for all kinds of people: Staats, Stoots, Stout, States, Stoats. On the off chance that someone is reading my name from the printed page and happens to pronounce it correctly, I get suspicious!

Elijah Staats: Notice of Partition for Dower, and also notice of administration. From Woodsfield, OH, "Spirit of Democracy," 17 Jan 1845, p. 3, col. 6.

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