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While not exactly wordless…or Wednesday, but:
I’ve always found this photo very compelling. I don’t know for sure where this was taken, although I assume it is in Beaver Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania. The subject is Will Deemer, b. abt 1868. I would guess this photo is in the 1920s, although it is literally a guess based on age. With the opening of PA’s death records, maybe I can finally get his death certificate to help date this photo a little better.

It’s one of those images that is not only full of emotion, but different emotions. Sometimes I look at it and it is so bleak and depressing, I can hardly stand to look at t for more than a few seconds. Other times, it is a story of survival in tough times. Still others, it’s not only about survival, but actually looking to take on adversity and beat it into submission.

He’s yet another in my tree that had no descendants (that I know of), so this is my way of keeping a small part of my 2nd great-granduncle alive.

Will Deemer. Taken, by estimation, in the 1920s, probably Beaver Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania


One From the Photo Album: Will Deemer, Beaver Twp, Jefferson, PA — 2 Comments

  1. Super that you’re recording their memories. I can see the different aspects of the photo but that pert and perky pooch seems a really upbeat note.

  2. Hi Jean! Most comments on facebook say the same thing. It just reminds me of dust bowl photos from the 30s. And I may have spoken too soon. Once I started going through some census records – a child I had previously thought to be his nephew looks like it might actually be his son. Not sure yet.