HomeFun!GRIP Day 2 Recap

Day 2 is in the books, and by the time I post this, it will likely have turned to Day 3. I had planned to post a stunning summary of the day, but was slightly stunned by the homework. I vowed to tackle it, and I did, even though it cost me most of the evening. It’s also entirely possible that I over-thought it, and did a little more than I probably had to but I’d rather err on the side of over-doing versus under-doing.

I can’t add much to what my classmate, Cathi Desmarais, posted this evening about the details of the day, other than to say yet another awesome day with two new and awesome instructors – Claire Bettag and Rick Sayre. We took Washington D.C., NARA, and the LOC by storm! It was kind of like driving by on the freeway, but the handouts were excellent, and will serve as pretty good tour guides when I get a chance to go back.

I’ve taken lots of classes from lots of places. Lots of them claimed to be challenging. I can honestly say that there is something unique and special about this environment in general, and the course in particular. I think all of my classmates will agree: each successive class causes you to re-evaluate what you thought you might have known when you walked in the door. Even in the cases where we actually did know end up knowing what we thought we knew, the material is challenging enough to rattle that knowledge around, and you really have to fight to keep it straight in your head. I love that.

I’m exhausted and excited for tomorrow’s classes!


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