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Well kids, the time is upon us. Tom Jones awaits. Some of you have already set off for the ‘Burgh, others of us are making our final preparations. Most of my things are packed…and I do mean most of my things. Outside of the lawn mower, stereo system, and dresser – I think I have everything else stowed away in my trunk…just in case. I want to be ready.

This will be my first immersion into the reputedly intense institute experience, and I am embracing it with somewhat trembling arms. I have the exact same feeling that I generally do before playing soccer: that mix of excitement, nervous energy, and fast-muscle twitching as I wait to run out onto the field. I want to get there, figure out what the game is, and rock it to chants of “MVP! MVP!” Okay, maybe not quite that wound up, but close.

I’ll be headed out in about two hours, stop at Walmart for supplies, pick up friend and cohort, Jean, and off to PA we go! Still much to do before then. I have to re-read the homework assignments, try to get some more of it into the databases I’ve started for them, eat something, finish packing up the plantation, heck – I may even shower.

Can’t wait to see you all there, and I hope I have a little time to keep those of you not there at least a little entertained with tidbits about our experiences as the first-ever GRIP attendees!


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