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About a year ago, I posted about a cemetery once located a half a mile from my house that seems to have disappeared. Yesterday, I bumped into someone – completely at random – that confirmed my findings. Here is the cemetery in question:

Cemetery on the north side of Russell Ave - exactly where the park is now










During a break at yesterday’s Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak seminar, a woman came up to me and introduced herself as one of the early editors of the East Cuyahoga Genealogical Society newsletter that I now am the editor of. I’m not sure how it came up that I live in Euclid, but it turns out that she lived literally around the corner from me for years. As we talked, I remembered this story and asked her about it. She knew quite a bit about the history, and knew that there was a family cemetery where the park now sits. She couldn’t remember the family name, but when I mentioned it, she recognized it right away. According to her, some of the stones from the cemetery were claimed by family. And some were used in rock gardens in the area. It doesn’t seem that any of the folks buried there were ever moved. This DEFINITELY needs more investigation now, and it certainly seems that the things in these photos taken in the 1950s are most likely the stones there at the time:

Tombstones? Or something else?











Stay tuned for further details!

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