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Finding Your Ancestors Titanic-Style
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Finding Your Ancestors Titanic-Style — 2 Comments

  1. I have seen Dr Ballard on other shows talking about how he had to hide his efforts to find the Titanic and it is quite cloak and dagger. As for genealogy pursuits – my husband and I have been married long enough that he knows the difference between my attitude when I am headed to the grocery store vs off to find yet another elusive ancestor – LOL.

    • Pat, you are lucky to live somewhere the grocery store is in close proximity to your ancestor hunting grounds! I’d be hard pressed to convince my wife here in Cleveland, Ohio that I needed to run out get a few things from a store in say, Dover, Delaware!

      I updated the post to include my comments about what I actually found interesting regarding the comparison. I loved the deer footprints analogy. It smacks of using indirect evidence in our searches!