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As any of you who are on Facebook are undoubtedly aware, there are a rash of these “career poster” things being posted. You know the ones: Blogger, Writer, Soldier, etc, etc… The ones where they have a series of pictures, with captions like “What my friends think I do,” ” What my mom thinks I do, ” and so on, finally ending with the punchline picture bearing the caption, “What I really do.” It’s a real “Okay, I see what you did there.” kind of thing – poignantly illustrating the differences between perception and reality in six pictures and very few words, cutting right to the core truth of the…okay maybe that’s a little over the top.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is an example of the “Writer”, originally posted by Darin Calhoun on facebook. I happened to see it shared on Laura Prescott’s wall.

So I got to thinking. We need one of these things for genealogists. We’re hip, right? We’re mysterious and misunderstood, right? We sometimes take ourselves and our craft a little too seriously, right?

I went through the series of “what [insert person here] thinks…” questions and chose my images accordingly. Then I put them all together in Photoshop. I think I nailed it.


On the Lighter Side: A Genealogy Poster — 2 Comments

  1. Hilarious!

    Too bad you couldn’t Photoshop yourself into the last one banging your head on the table with 5 piles of books around you….oh wait that would be me.

    Anyway, great posting!