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Well, kids, for those who don’t already know – I’m on the BCG clock. That’s right, I have a December 20th 2012 date with the BCG judges. I have about 11 more months to get my portfolio together, spiffied up, and sent in.

What’s involved? If you are interesed in the requirements, grading criteria, and other information, check the BCG website for all the details.

Why am I doing this? Because I am interested in producing the highest quality work possible, I want my work to be judged. I view achieving certification not as an “end”, but really more of a beginning. For me, achieving certification would be validation of all the time and effort I’ve spent learning, digging, and sweating over this family history stuff. I can’t wait to get both feet firmly planted on top of this first major step. I’ll look back over where I started, smile and enjoy it for a while, and then keep climbing.

I’ve heard some people say they don’t want to go on the clock until their requirements are almost finished. I work to deadlines, and I work under pressure. I need that thing ticking in the background to keep me motivated. If there’s anyone reading this who is on the clock in about the same time frame, let me know and we can keep each other moving! Onward and (hopefully) upward!


On the BCG Clock! — 3 Comments

  1. Go, Chris! I just finished this process a year ago – sent my portfolio in a year ago last week as a matter of fact. I was certified last June. Don’t agonize over it (like I did!). Just show them your best work. Hang in there! It’s a long year but so worth it. I learned so much during the process.