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<div class=\"postavatar\">Ohio Genealogical Society Facebook Group Grows to 65 Members</div>

After my post a few days ago about an organization with such a large membership having such a small group on Facebook, the number climbed from 48 at the time of the article to its current number of 65. “A-O-Way-to -go – Ohio” (That’s a quote from the Pretenders, for all you non-music fans). I of course, am not claiming that the rise in membership was any of my doing. I believe it’s due to increased activity leading up to the annual conference in a couple of weeks. If you are interested, here is the link to the Facebook group. As previously posted, the OGS conference dates are April 2-4 at Sawmill Creek Resort, Huron, OH. Interestingly enough, I just met someone from Sawmill Creek at a recent seminar I attended put on by the American Society for Training & Development.

Speaking of which: Any members attending from the southeast counties? Specifically — my research is focused in Belmont, Harrison, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, and Washington Counties. There are a few others, but those are the main ones. I would love to meet and chat about local resources and experiences with other members in attendance. We could “do lunch” Have your people call my people.

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