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In Before the Ball Drops: A Review of my 2011 Goals — 4 Comments

  1. Overall not too bad of a scorecard. I am going to speak for the first time on January 13th to the Rotary Club here in Stockton. Don’t have a clue as to what they want me to talk about. Hell, I don’t even know what a Rotary is or does!! LOL The genealogy Society volunteered me to do it!

  2. I got a $500 scholarship from the Rotary coming out of high school. I don’t think I knew anyone in the Rotary club…I had no idea what it was…I still don’t know what it is.
    Hopefully they give you $500, too!

  3. Chris, I think you deserve every bit of your extra credit, and then some. Especially for submitting your application to BCG! Will you send me a copy of your last society newsletter? I’m trying to revamp the one for Ohio Chap. Palatines to America and would like to see (er, steal) some of your ideas.

  4. Hi Chris – I think you have done well. I think building up a speaking business and completing ProGen are goals to be really proud of. Plus you have done some interesting research in the year and started on the certification process. Achieving all those things are terrific. Revisiting your business and marketing plan regularly should be something you seek to do too.

    best wishes for 2012