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George B. Turner Collection: Letters Home from the Civil War — 4 Comments

  1. Chris, Thank you for sharing your acquaintance with George B. Turner. Even this limited exposure to him is very moving and you’ve presented him so well.

  2. Chris, what an awesome find! Even these brief excerpts from the letters are captivating. Thanks for sharing how you discovered the collection, as well as telling George Turner’s story. I’ll have to try to take a look at them myself sometime.

  3. Thanks, Shelley and Jean! I definitely want to go back again and hopefully get copies of the full collection. There was so much background about the regiment and what they were doing, it is absolutely invaluable to compiling the story of my own ancestor in that same regiment. I knew from other research where they went, what battles they were involved in, etc – but to hear the story told personally and first-hand is awesome. I hate to say it, but it’s far more interesting than the 150+ page pension file documenting my ancestor’s bad colon 🙂 However, putting all of these things together could produce a fabulous article…now all I have to do is write it!