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By my own admission, I’ve been a bit lax in keeping up with SNGF. However, this week’s challenge highlights an important resource, and I hope people have learned a bit from it. If by me participating, one more person comes across Randy Major’s website – it’s a success.

I selected Sarahsville, Ohio for my study because I know it went through some county changes. Noble County, Ohio was the last county formed in 1851– formed from a number of surrounding counties. My ancestors moved near there in 1838. However, they lived east of Sarahsville, and were therefore in Monroe County. The city itself was in Morgan County. All this I know. But what I discovered was that in 1810, Sarahsville was part of Muskingum County. I never would have guessed. Ten years earlier, it was part of Washington County – which I would have expected, but the Muskingum County thing was a surprise.

What a great reminder to use tools like these when working with any sort of record before county boundaries were finalized



1880 County Map showing Sarahsville in Noble County, Ohio. My 4th great grandfather's farm is at the intersection of 146 and 147 (now Zepp Road)

1850 Map showing the Monroe/Morgan County Line

Surprise! Sarahsville was in Muskingum County in 1810!

And Finally, 1800. Look at how much area Washington County covers! And there were actually a few county formations prior to this. This map is actually the Nortwest Territory. Ohio wasn't formed until 1803.

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