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My father’s coroner’s report, and the one that was almost in my name — 3 Comments

  1. I’m glad you made it safely through your teenage years! Interesting post. It had to be hard to finally read his file, wondering what you would find…

    I recently had a discussion with my brother regarding several “what if” scenarios in our lives. We both agreed that our lives would be different had “things” been done or happened differently – but – and this is the biggie for me – Would our lives be better? We have no way of knowing. We can’t help but think about it, but dwelling on it and perhaps becoming obsessed by it doesn’t change anything… we can only live our lives the best we can and hope that at the end something good will have come from it.

  2. Sometimes we just have to understand the “rest of the story”. It took a lot of inner fortitude to put this piece together. I am sure it was not an easy one to write. I am a very FIRM believer in a bigger force in our lives. Yes, the “what ifs” and “could’ve beens” are always there to make us think. We do have to learn, though, that our lives are set in motion by events we don’t always understand. My own mother always used to say “Everything happens for a reason”. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing at the time you are supposed to be doing it. Sit back and enjoy the ride.