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They say that the sense of smell is the most directly connected to our brain, and I think that’s true. After a busy day of laboring about the house on Labor Day, I jumped in the shower to de-funk. In the interest of not having to do it half asleep at 4:30am, I also took the opportunity to shave. While it wasn’t quite exactly the same smell, I caught a scent in the shaving lotion that immediately transported me back in time. I’m talkin’ identical to those scenes in the movie, where you get sucked into some kind of tunnel or vortex and end up somewhere else and in another time.  The scent immediately brought up the image of my grandfather, Floyd Johns, or as we called him, Pap-Pap. Weird how the brain works…I mean… I was THERE. Or at least WAS there, until an ant ran across my foot and brought me back to my own bathroom sink.

Who knows, maybe this was the day my brain went back to re-visit?

I'm the one in the blue footy pajamas.


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