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As I thought about the previous question of the value of Web 2.0 tools, I considered what the ideal site for posting my own genealogy research might look like. The slide show above, while not exactly a thorough storyboard, is a pretty close vision of the sort of site I would love to call my own. Incorporating some static “1.0” design along with more interactive elements, this site would be awesome. If only I had the actual design skill to create it.

Essentially,  a header with a lovely logo and a welcome message giving basic navigational aid would tie the pages together. Below the header, a series of tabs for navigation allow the user to move between pages without leaving the site or opening other windows. (Obviously, these would not be labeled “tab” as they are in the slides.) These tabs, as well as the left sidebar would remain regardless of which section a user visited. The side bar would offer navigational choices also. It would include a main section that served the same function as the tabs. Also, there would be common links of interest to most users. The tabs would be organized something like this:

  • First tab: Home page – A blog as the main feature of the home page.  Each tab would then open and replace the blog inside that wrapper.
  • Second tab: “About” page –  tells a bit about the site, how to use it, and a FAQ area.
  • Third tab: Family Tree(s) – The same as my current TNG site, only running in the wrapper. An additional note about the genealogy page:  It would be really cool if I could incorporate tags into this area to link to other interesting stuff. For example, if a user opened a page about an individual, there would be a list of associated tags displayed on the bottom of the page. Clicking on these tags would take you to an index of the wiki pages for those tags.
  • Fourth tab: Research Wiki – A combination of information I have gathered ,as well as links to other sites of interest. This wiki would also be able to accept approved submissions from other users.
  • Fifth tab: Groups – A section that provides the ability to sign up for various interest groups (most of which I would have to start first!) all with one simple sign-up form.
  • Sixth tab: Multimedia – Where some cool stuff would live. Podcasts, webinars, virtual meetings, multimedia presentations, etc. How cool would that be?

So when can you look for this site? Probably never, but wouldn’t it be nice?
By the way, my current genealogy site is: http://genealogy.staatsofohio.com


My Genealogy Dream Site? — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you, Joan and Taneya. I would love to see me develop it, too! I don’t know if it will ever happen, but who knows?