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SNGF: Genealogy OCD — 6 Comments

  1. So, your one sentence saying about GOCD is what?

    Let me suggest: You get so busy following a convoluted research path that you have to tell everyone about it but don’t have time to write something for SNGF.

  2. I could probably add a few. My son is starting this fall at Marietta College. Marietta College, among other things, holds the original records for the Ohio Land Company – leading to these:

    1) You are really pleased with your son’s college selection – not necessarily because you think it’s a good place for him, but because you have a lot of research to do in the library’s special collections.

    2) Even though you are pleased with your son’s college selection, any of the other schools would have been fine, also…since you funneled the entire search process towards areas and repositories in which you needed to research

  3. See, I would call that more ADD than OCD – when I do it about my own family research I call it FRADD, which I blogged about awhile ago – let me just see if I can find that post for you before I close this…

  4. I agree, Pat. I’m all kinds of genea-mental. If you are genealogically ADD (GADD), and it manifests itself primarily on the computer and internet, then you are considered eGADD (electronic genealogical attention deficit disorder).
    Maybe Dr. Phil should start speaking at genealogical conferences?