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Blog-Reading For Beginners: Your Tips and Successes
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Blog-Reading For Beginners: Your Tips and Successes — 2 Comments

  1. I think it would be really helpful to explain about various readers. I use Google reader and was very overwhelmed until I organized my reading into a few categories. I have one called “Daily” for those blogs I don’t want to miss – Geneabloggers goes in there to make sure I am up on things. I try to keep that category small. Things come and go out of there as I find other blogs that I want to follow closely for whatever reason. Then I have one called “Favorites – weekly”. Those are still high on my list, but if it’s a busy week at work and school, those might just get skimmed. The next category is “Info – weekly” where I put things that are more news related like The Genealogy Tip of the Day and Dick Eastman’s blog. Finally I have one called “Other” for everything else. On Sundays I either read everything that is unread or I just mark everything in the folders read. It keeps me from feeling like I have to somehow catch up!

    I have found the new cousins (a number of them) through my blog – or rather they have found me because of my blog. What I gain from reading blogs is generally in the line of new research tips – things I didn’t know about, strategies I hadn’t thought of etc.

    I also find reading other blogs inspires me in my research. It’s just great to know there are so many other out there like me – you know, people who think picnicking in a graveyard is normal and that Curt Witcher is a rock star 😉

  2. Really glad you liked the lunch idea!
    I tried to do a presentation on blogs and readers, but I don’t think I got across to anyone but myself. That makes me think you need to make some very basic points and show benefits. I use the Google Reader and find I usually just copy a blog URL into a new subscription rather than go through the RSS button. I agree that grouping the blogs in the reader makes life easier. In addition to the latest news, I especially benefit from posts on best practices and how-tos. Afraid my cousin hits so far have all been to older web postings but my general genealogy blog is fairly new.
    Definitely think your article will be a good idea.