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How many of you get this question when you mention in a casual conversation that you do genealogy: “Oh, what are you?” Sometimes, a more verbose version of the question, and one that makes slightly more sense grammatically asks, “Oh, what nationality are you?” However it’s phrased, it’s not one of my favorite questions, but at least they’re interested or polite enough to pretend to be interested. And I do like it better than the other question that the word genealogy often invokes: “What?”

The real answer to this basic question is this: I am a mutt. Period. Oddly, when I say that, people seem disappointed that I’m not something infinitely cooler. I’m sure they’re probably related to an Indian princess, or a king, or Charlemagne, or even  a descendant of Charlemagne who became a disgruntled king who smuggled himself aboard a ship to this country to become an Indian princess.  Heaven forbid they just be a commoner like me. The extended answer I usually give is, “I’m southern Ohio hillbilly on my dad’s side and Pennsylvania hillbilly on my mom’s.”  They seem to appreciate that I can laugh about my commonness.

So I chuckled when this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun suggested creating a pie chart showing my great great grandparents’ country of origin. My chart would just be a circle. Even if I broke it down by state, it would take quite an appetite to eat a sliced piece of that pie. Alas, I had to go to the county level to get a few reasonably portioned pieces. So below, in pretty colors and pictures are the counties of birth of my great-great grandparents, and why I can claim to be a mutt:

Sadly, if I set a GPS waypoint in Caldwell, Ohio and Brookville, Pennsylvania and then drew a circle with a 30-mile radius around those points; Keokuk, Iowa would probably be the only location falling outside of one of those two circles. And even then, that family came from Noble County, Ohio and moved back just a few years later.

Out of curiosity, I saw Randy’s 5th generation and raised him one. I wanted to see what the pie looked like at the next level. Well, the good news was that finally, I can add a new country to the chart. The bad news was, the single slice it makes of the pie would leave even the most devout WeightWatcher wondering about such a small portion.  In fact, even at this sixth generation, if only broken down by state, there would be two big pieces and a few weight watcher slices.  If you’re still not convinced I’m a shoo-in for my Mutt lineage application, here it is:



Well, all this talk of pie, and now I’m hungry. Thanks to Randy Seaver for giving me a new tool to demonstrate my muttness!  Just in case anyone searching in the future would care to admit to also being part-mutt of my variety, below are posted ancestors #16-63, the recipe for my own personal heritage pie:



Fifth Generation (Great Great-Grandparents)


16.  Alexander Allan Staats [20], son of Jesse Brock Pickering [3358] and Edith Staats [127], was born on 3 Apr 1838 in Freeport Twp, Harrison, Ohio, died on 16 May 1913 in Summerfield, Noble, Ohio.



17.  Margaret (Maggie) Summers [21], daughter of Rueben Paul Summers [30] and Violet Amos Franklin [31], was born on 9 Jan 1846 in Steamtown, Monroe, Ohio, died on 29 Aug 1919 in Summerfield, Noble, Ohio.


18.  Archelaus Osborne [22], son of James Osborne [32] and Eliza Ann Lingo [33], was born on 5 May 1840 in Union Twp, Monroe, Ohio, died on 28 Nov 1921 in Summerfield, Noble, Ohio.


19.  Eliza Mariah Hamilton [23], daughter of James Hamilton [213] and Anna Barnett [214], was born on 19 Apr 1840 in Hendrysburg, Belmont, Ohio, died on 5 Feb 1934 in Seneca, Monroe, Ohio.


20.  William Bell Boyd [26], son of Wiley Boyd [34] and Susan Bell [35], was born on 27 Feb 1856 in Sharon Twp, Noble, Ohio, died on 13 Jun 1913 in Noble, Ohio.


21.  Helen S. Carr [27], daughter of James Carr [36] and Helen L. Pinkerton [37], was born on 20 Jun 1856 in IA, died on 27 Feb 1911 in Sharon Twp, Morgan, Ohio.


22.  Samuel Beckley [28], son of Henry Beckley [38] and Ann McGee [39], was born on 24 Feb 1842 in Ohio, died on 11 Jul 1914 in Sharon Twp, Morgan, Ohio.


23.  Hannah Jane Marquis [29], daughter of Joseph A. Marquis [40] and Mary Alice Parrish [41], was born on 21 Mar 1846, died on 19 Sep 1894 in Sharon Twp, Morgan, Ohio .


24.  Otis Meade Johns [10], son of Eli Johns [69] and Catherine  A. Clepper [70], was born on 22 Sep 1866 in Stanton, Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania, died on 8 Jun 1949 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania.


25.  Annie Fitzsimmons [11], daughter of John Fitzsimmons [846] and Mary Jane Boner [847], was born in Oct 1869 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania and died on 7 Feb 1902 in Rose Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania.


26.  William Charles Keefer [12], son of Daniel Keefer [701] and Catherine Wareham [838], was born in Aug 1858 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania, died on 2 Jul 1918 in Geneva, Clearfield Co, Pennsylvania.


27.  Ida Belle Deemer [13], daughter of Alexander Harrison Deemer [699] and Jane E. McNutt [700], was born on 15 Apr 1862 in McCalmot Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, died on 29 Nov 1948 in E. Lackawannock Twp, Mercer, Pennsylvania.


28.  Frank R. Snyder [16], son of Bennewill Snyder [429] and Lydia Zimmerman [430], was born on 24 Jan 1856 in Winslow Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, died on 3 Jun 1920 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania.


29.  Elizabeth Mowrey [17], daughter of Jeremiah Mowrey [72] and Salome Doney [73], was born on 7 Sep 1866 in Pinecreek Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, died on 19 Mar 1956 in Vandergrift, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.


30.  Harvey Jackson McGinnis [67], son of James McGinnis [74] and Elizabeth Moore [75], was born on 5 Sep 1859 in Armstrong Co, Pennsylvania, died on 4 Jan 1929 in Arnold, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.


  1. 31.    Ella May Ruffner [68], daughter of Archibald Ruffner [76] and Sarah Best [77], was born on 10 Feb 1868 in Marion Center, Indiana, Pennsylvania, died on 2 Oct 1961 in Arnold, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.



Sixth Generation (3rd Great-Grandparents)


32.  Jesse Brock Pickering [3358], son of Abel Pickering [3361] and Nancy Brock [3362], was born on 23 Dec 1818 in Harrison , Ohio, died on 24 Apr 1868 in Leavenworth, KS.


33.  Edith Staats [127], daughter of Elijah Staats [1894] and Margaret Chandler [1907], was born on 12 Apr 1818 in Harrison , Ohio, died on 20 Feb 1901 in Sarahsville, Noble, Ohio.


34.  Rueben Paul Summers [30], son of John Summers [53] and Elizabeth [54], was born on 19 Jun 1818 in Greene , Pennsylvania, died on 12 Nov 1899 in Caldwell, Noble, Ohio.


35.  Violet Amos Franklin [31], daughter of Alexander Franklin [55] and Mary Amos [56], was born on 11 Jun 1824 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, died on 19 Nov 1899 in Caldwell, Noble, Ohio.


36.  James Osborne [32], son of Samuel Osborne Sr. [58] and Ruth [286], was born on 12 Sep 1798 in  Donegal, Ireland, died on 3 Jun 1883 in Marion Twp, Noble, Ohio.


37.  Eliza Ann Lingo [33], daughter of Archelaus Charles Lingo [239] and Eleanor (Nellie) Hudson [240], was born on 20 Feb 1810 in Sussex , DE, died on 8 May 1891 in Marion Twp, Noble, Ohio.


38.  James Hamilton [213], son of Patrick Hamilton [316] and Jane Graham [317], was born in Sep 1803 in New Jersey, died on 14 Feb 1874 in Belmont , Ohio.


39.  Anna Barnett [214], daughter of Jacob Barnett [327] and Catherine Hissey [328], was born in 1804 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, died on 20 Jan 1889 in Belmont , Ohio.


40.  Wiley Boyd [34], son of Thomas Boyd [128] and Agnes Wiley [215], was born from 1821 to 1822 in Ohio, died on 26 May 1858 in Noble, Ohio.


41.  Susan Bell [35], daughter of William Bell [368] and Mary Jane Nugen [369], was born in 1826 in Ohio and was buried in Bells Church Cemetery, Noble, Ohio.


42.  James Carr [36], son of Joseph Carr [103] and Eliza McCleary [104], was born on 24 Feb 1824 in Bristol Twp, Morgan, Ohio, died on 31 Jan 1887.


43.  Helen L. Pinkerton [37], daughter of John Pinkerton [4509] and Marietta [4508], was born on 21 Nov 1828 in NY and died on 20 Jun 1856 at age 27.


44.  Henry Beckley [38], son of Jacob Beckley [228] and Anna Maria “Mary” Schmett [227], was born on 23 Sep 1811 in Virginia, died on 3 Dec 1877 in Sharon Twp, Noble, Ohio.


45.  Ann McGee [39], possible daughter of *George McGee [2283] and *Jane Shaw [2284], was born on 27 Mar 1810 in Pennsylvania (Jefferson, Ohio?) and died on 27 Jun 1884 in Sharon Twp, Noble, Ohio.


46.  Joseph A. Marquis [40], son of John Marquis [2494] and Ellen (Eleanor) Meeks [2495], was born in 1804 in Belmont , Ohio and died on 19 Mar 1875 in Sharon Twp, Noble, Ohio.


47.  Mary Alice Parrish [41], daughter of Edward Parrish [1790] and Martha Reed [1791], was born on 12 Jun 1809 in Belmont , Ohio and died on 31 Dec 1892 in Sharon Twp, Noble, Ohio.


48.  Eli Johns [69], son of Samuel Johns [563] and Maria Magdalena Fogel (Nagel) [564], was born on 15 Apr 1836 in Lebanon , Pennsylvania, died on 16 Jul 1904 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania.


49.  Catherine  A. Clepper [70], daughter of John Clepper [3782] and Amelia [3780], was born in 1842 in Leechburg, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, died on 24 Feb 1892 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania.


50.  John Fitzsimmons [846], son of John Fitzsimmons [1229] and Elizabeth A. Hindman [1230], was born in 1833 in Pennsylvania and died on 25 Aug 1893 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania.


51.  Mary Jane Boner [847], daughter of Charles Boner [1946] and Martha McGarey [1947], was born on 3 Jul 1836 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania, died on 3 Jun 1897 in Rose Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania.


52.  Daniel Keefer [701], son of Unknown and *Elizabeth [2877], was born on 26 Oct 1821 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died on 6 Dec 1894 in Beaver Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania.


53.  Catherine Wareham [838], daughter of Peter Wareham [1211] and Susanna Heigs [1212], was born on 10 Mar 1823 in Armstrong Co, Pennsylvania, died on 16 Aug 1874 in Beaver Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania.


54.  Alexander Harrison Deemer [699], son of Jonathan Deemer [892] and Barbara Pifer [893], was born on 31 Jul 1830 in Clearfield or Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, died on 26 Mar 1906 in Beaver Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania.


55.  Jane E. McNutt [700], daughter of William McNutt [798] and Isabella McAuley [799], was born on 31 Jan 1834 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on 15 Oct 1910 in Beaver Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania.


56.  Bennewill Snyder [429], son of Frederick Schneider [431] and Catherine Martin [432], was born on 17 Nov 1823 in Schuykill , Pennsylvania, was christened on 1 Feb 1824 in Howerters, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, died on 15 Apr 1905 in Jefferson , Pennsylvania.


57.  Lydia Zimmerman [430], daughter of Sebastian Zimmerman [433] and Elizabeth Klock [434], was born on 19 Dec 1827 in Cameron Twp, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, was christened on 1 Jan 1828 in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Cameron Valley, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, died on 8 Jan 1911 in Winslow Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania.


58.  Jeremiah Mowrey [72], son of John L. Mowrey [829] and Sarah Salome Martz [107], was born on 24 Jul 1844 in Ringgold Twp, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, died on 24 Nov 1929 in Pine Twp, Armstrong, Pennsylvania.


59.  Salome Doney [73], daughter of Gerson Doney [105] and Catherine Dunkelberger [106], was born on 24 Oct 1844 in Northumberland Co, Pennsylvania, died on 28 Feb 1933 in Pine Twp, Armstrong, Pennsylvania.


60.  James McGinnis [74], son of Henry McGinnis [2285] and Elizabeth Shroyer [2286], was born on 13 Dec 1819 in Boggs Twp, Centre, Pennsylvania, died on 24 Aug 1893 in Boggs Twp, Armstrong, Pennsylvania.


61.  Elizabeth Moore [75], daughter of Moore [2287] and Unknown, was born on 10 Mar 1831 in Armstrong?, Pennsylvania, died on 20 Apr 1910 in Sistersville, Tyler, West Virginia.


62.  Archibald Ruffner [76], son of Jacob Ruffner [762] and Susan Haney [2078], was born on 6 Feb 1829 in Pennsylvania, died on 21 Nov 1914 in Saltsburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.


63.  Sarah Best [77], daughter of Alexander Best [763] and Susan Sumney [764], was born on 31 May 1835 in Butler , Pennsylvania, died on 25 May 1914 in Saltsburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.




I’m a Mutt, Thanks For Asking!: SNGF — 6 Comments

  1. Wow Chris you took your pie chart to a whole ‘nuther level. I am so not worthy of your awesomeness. Not only does your pie look great, it has way more colors than mine does. And the kicker is I’ll bet you procrastinated way longer than I did playing around with this little exercise. You have raised the bar, but watch out – I just may be able to reach it.


  2. Jean – your title is far more simple and accurate than mine. Why didn’t I think of that?? The line that usually follows “I’m a mutt” is “I’m about as American as you can get.” And yet that catchy title eluded me. Great job!

    Sheri – you don’t want to get involved in a procrastination duel. It’s similar to the old-fashioned duels, except we walk off the twenty paces with our guns pointed at our own heads, so when it comes time to turn and fire, no one wins 🙂

  3. That is cool – another way to look at it is that most of your ancestors have been here for awhile! I don’t have to go very far back to reach the ocean with most of mine! 😉

  4. It was Susan Haney who caught my eye (and my search) – though I do love your chart! Any idea who her parents were? I’m descended from Archibald’s older brother Edward.

  5. Hi Malissa –

    No further info about Susan Haney, but I will scan and send you some info that used to be passed out at the McGinnis/Ruffner reunions I used to go to as a kid in the 70s and early 80s. Some of the assumptions and info is mistaken, but interesting nonetheless.