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The Curious Tale of Liddie Snyder (and PA Vital Records)
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The Curious Tale of Liddie Snyder (and PA Vital Records) — 2 Comments

  1. You aren’t going to believe this one. I came back to your site to look at the Ottis Johns family again, and started reading down the articles at the beginning.

    My mother’s side of the family is from the Ringgold Township area of Jefferson County. Lydia Powell Snyder’s mother, Lydia Haas, was first married to John Brocious, and they had my 2x great grandgrandmother Elizabeth. After John died, Lydia married Elias Powell, and they had Lydia and perhaps a few other children. There are (as far as I can tell) 3 strains of unrelated Snyder families in that area. Elizabeth Brocious married Casper Snyder, who is in one, and Lydia Powell married John Snyder, who is in another. I know a gentleman, Howard Snyder, who is related to both Snyder families mentioned and grew up in the area. We just might be able to find some of her descendants.

    I also understand dealing with the Pennsylvania Vital Records, some records show up promptly, and some don’t. One record took so long to get here that I went directly to New Castle to apply for a second one in person, and it showed up before the one I originally sent for. One reason that I ran into, is that they have different copies of them in different offices, and if it’s a bit blurry or difficult to read they might send to another office to see if it’s better.


    • Hi Barb! I was away at the Ohio Genealogical Society’s annual conference when your comment posted, so forgive the late reply. It took me a time or two reading your comment to remember that I knew you 🙂

      For the most part, I’ve had pretty good luck with New Castle. The only frustration is sending for a certificate when you don’t have all the information, only to end up spending $9 for them not to find a match. If we could only access the index, both parties would be spared a lot of unnecessary effort. Maybe one day…

      I haven’t spent much time researching the collateral Snyder families in Jefferson County. In fact, I haven’t spent timne researching ANY Jefferson County families lately. I think the last time I was actually at the courthouse was two or three years ago. I’ve been off researching other lines and areas in my PA research. I’m hoping to get back to Lebanon/Dauphin – maybe this summer.

      If you come across anyone from this Snyder family, just send them on to me, and I’d be glad to make sure they get a copy of this “other” Lydia Snyder. I’m not 100% sure whether or not I’ll be at the Johns reunion this year, but if I’m there and you’re there – I’ll see you there!