HomeMisc.Staats Genealogical Service’s One Day Sale: $5 Ohio Obituary Lookups!

Need an obituary from an Ohio newspaper included in the Ohio Historical Society’s Newspaper collection, but haven’t gotten around to traveling to Columbus or ordering the microfilm? Good news! Due to an unexpected trip to Columbus this Saturday, February 26th, I am offering to do lookups in any microfilmed newspaper in their collection for $5.00 per name, per newspaper title,with a known date of death. Copies will be sent via email as a pdf file. Of course, I can’t guarantee that there will be an obituary published, only that a thorough search will be conducted and results reported.

Just send the name(s) of the person(s), their date(s) of death, and the name of the paper(s) to be searched –  to chris@staatsgen.com no later than 10pm EST Friday, February 25.  Be sure to check the online catalog to confirm coverage of the area/timeframe of interest. Payment will be accepted via PayPal at the email address above unless other arrangements are made. Depending upon available time, I may be able to conduct research in other OHS materials if you are looking for something specific. Email me with details of any special requests.


…and for the record – I’m as curious as anyone to see what happens with this. I’ve never even heard of a genealogical sale 🙂


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