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“Ugh – another list of goals???” you ask? I’m afraid so, but I’ll try and make it painless. There is something somehow more binding when you commit goals not only to writing, but public writing. So without further adieu, here they are-  my mix of personal and professional goals – my 10 For ‘11 :

1.   Continue making progress with the Delaware Staats families research
Self-explanatory. While I haven’t broken down the wall yet, I have cracked it a little. As long as it is a little weaker at the end of the year than it is now, I will be happy.

2.   Publish two articles beyond the local society newsletter level.
This I especially true since I happen to edit my local society’s newsletter! I want to publish one methodology article and one family narrative this year – preferably at the state society or similar level.

3.   Finish the NGS Home Study Course
I need to finish the last lesson of the first CD before I lose or break it. And then I need to finish the next two CDs. At least I don’t own CD 3 yet, so it is not in danger.

4.   Begin (as in actually start the application) the BCG certification process.
No more cheating here and saying that this or that “helps towards getting ready.” I need that pre-application filled out, and that document to start the application in my hands before the ball drops on 2012

5.   Produce a high-quality newsletter for my local genealogical society.
As of the 1st, I am officially the newsletter editor for the East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society. One of the things I think I was brought in to do was to help start e-delivery. With that option, the content and layout options are greatly enhanced, and I hope to deliver an appealing newsletter with great content that people can’t wait to get in their inbox (or mailbox, if the whole e-thing fails!)

6.   Begin speaking/lecturing, with a focus on land records and mapping.
Land records always scare people. Maps sometimes scare people. I occasionally scare people. We were meant to be together.

7.    Double the amount of Staats Genealogical Services research clients for compared with 2010.
There are a number of sub-goals not necessary to publish here that this goal would help achieve. Having just begun taking clients in August, I was pleasantly surprised with the results despite not yet advertising or actively trying to build the business. Now it’s time to ramp it up.

8.   Finish the Staats Genealogical Services website.
I bet you didn’t even know I had one, did you? It is chock-full of information. So far it says: “Site under construction. Check back soon.” I want to define all services and integrate an appearance and message that is consistent with other marketing and related activities.

9.   Work to standardize correspondence, reporting, and record keeping formats.
I produce pretty well-written reports – I know I do. But each one is an adventure. I want them to be less adventuresome and more routine so that I can spend more time researching and writing and less time organizing it. I don’t want a boiler plate form, but a framework that doesn’t require a lot of tweaking

10. Increase my  social media presence as a business.
I am already pretty active on facebook, and post my blog updates on Twitter, but I want to shift (or add) genealogical focus from my personal identity  to a more professional and strictly business identity. Of course “strictly business” will inevitably include aspects of my own personal goofiness, but there is nothing I can do about that. Interactivity is a key to this goal.

So there you have it, my goals for the year. Most of them are quantifiable, so next year this time I will either be copying and pasting this list again, or I’ll be working on some new ones. Only time will tell.


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  1. Sounds like you’ve got a big year ahead of you, Chris! These are great goals, delivered with a great sense of humor. I especially like those “adventuresome” reports and the idea of a scary lecture. And your website sounds a lot like mine–only I’m sure you’ll actually get yours up and running much sooner. Here’s wishing you a year filled with progress, success, and well, okay, some goofiness too!