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Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge this week is:

1)  Go to the AnyMaking website (http://anymaking.com – it’s FREE to use) and …

2)  Doctor some of your priceless photographs using one or more of their photo effects to turn your photo into a cartoon, into a puzzle, into a wanted poster, etc.  Try it, it’s fun.  You can spend hours doing this.  Think about Christmas presents for your family or friends… [Note that if you want decent size photos – or real puzzles, portraits, etc., you’ll need to subscribe to their Premium service.]

I’ve found a few folks you might want to keep your eyes out for as you make your way through the Wild, Wild Genealogical Frontier.

Beware the enchanting stories this guy can weave. Relying on a small kernel of truth and a liberal dose of dramatic license, this bandit can cost you years of wandering down the wrong trail

This is a unique bandit because whenever you see him around, you can relax a little. It's when you see some of his nefarious friends WITHOUT him that you need to be nervous. If you can find Cy Tation, you can identify many other bandits. Many times you thought you had Cy Tation, but didn't, and could never find him again.

Your tree is his tree. Pretty much any tree on the internet is his tree. Unless he is accompanied by Cy Tation, he is just no good.

You are just SURE you saw that document somewhere in the house, but WHERE? You can bet Miss Filer had a hand in whisking away that precious document. Unless you have a plan to deal with this bandita, plan to spend a lot of time walking backwards down the Paper Trail.

For those who are active in their local genealogical societies, you know this one well. While there may be no monetary reward, there are many other ways this can be rewarding...or so I'm told.


SNGF: Look Out For Genealogical Banditos — 4 Comments

  1. The scary thing about these posters is the fact that I just happen to have pictures like the ones I used for them just sitting around on my hard drive. Why? I have no idea. Short attention span when the camera is on, I suppose.