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Word of the Day: Incunabula

Yesterday we learned about the poetic form, Clerihew . Today, I came across a new word while scanning through Marietta College’s Special Collections page. Today’s fun word to know and share is Incunabula From in·cu·nab·u·la [in-kyoo-nab-yuh-luh] –plural noun, singular … Continue reading

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Ohio Historical Society Open 2 More Days Per Week, Beginning in July.

This is great news for Ohio researchers who’ve had trouble getting to the Library and Archives the one day a week they’ve been open. From the OHS Press release, which can be found at: Ohio Historical Center To Increase … Continue reading

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Man, I miss record stores.

<div class=\"postavatar\">Man, I miss record stores.</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> I just got done watching Hi Fidelity, with John Cusack and a whole slew of other folks. (Meaning of course that John Cusack is in the movie…I wasn’t watching it with him. That would be a little strange.) … Continue reading

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