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Genealogy Mystery Theater: Addressing Identities

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I’d try something new tonight. Once the presents are all unwrapped, the guests gone, and your belly full, I have a game we can play. You know those murder mystery theater things– ones where the … Continue reading

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April 12-13, 2013 is Legal Genealogist Weekend in Cleveland, Ohio!

Disclaimer: I am the chairperson of the Western Reserve Genealogical Society’s Genealogical Committee, as well as the Great Lakes APG chapter representative. I am also a big fan of Judy Russell. I dig genealogy. My favorite color is green, but … Continue reading

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My BCG Portfolio Is On Its Way…

…to an extension! Yes, it’s time to break down and file for that extra time. I don’t regret going on the clock and not getting done within the year. I’ve had a lot of other things going on – speaking, … Continue reading

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Ghosts at the Staats House: Caldwell, OH, 1877

I admit it, I’ve posted the text of this article before, However: 1) It’s Halloween, and 2) I am still without power due to Hurricane Sandy. I hope you enjoy this spooky story involving my 3rd great uncle!

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From the Crypt: Ghost In Gallipolis, 1874

Continuing the Halloween theme: here’s one I can definitely relate to…1                 For some free newspaper ghost-hunting of your own, go to the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America site, select the “advanced Search” tab, … Continue reading

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Ghosts In Cleveland!: 1862

Kicking off my countdown to Halloween is a Cleveland ghost story. I have been on my share of these sorts of ghost-chasing adventures. More spooky newspaper stories will follow – getting spookier and spookier as we get closer and closer … Continue reading

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GRIP Day 3 (AKA, My 20th Anniversary)

I don’t know how you guys celebrate anniversaries, but I’m guessing there only a few of us fool-hardy enough to do it by leaving our spouses and heading to a genealogical institute for a week of intense learning. I’m lucky … Continue reading

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GRIP Day 2 Recap

Day 2 is in the books, and by the time I post this, it will likely have turned to Day 3. I had planned to post a stunning summary of the day, but was slightly stunned by the homework. I vowed … Continue reading

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GRIP: Day 1 Recap

My opening lessons came in the wee hours of the morning today. First was the reminder that I had forgotten to bring my own pillow. The dorm beds had a least I think there was a pillow inside the … Continue reading

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Getting a GRIP on the Institute Experience…Like Right Now

Well kids, the time is upon us. Tom Jones awaits. Some of you have already set off for the ‘Burgh, others of us are making our final preparations. Most of my things are packed…and I do mean most of my … Continue reading

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