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Lessons From Ephraim Cutler’s Store Ledgers

Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to get to the Marietta College Library’s Special Collections department to do some research on my old friend (and 4th great-grandfather), Elijah Staats. I had been tipped by another researcher that there was a receipt in one of their … Continue reading

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Big Genealogy Doings In Tiny Caldwell (OH).

As long as I’ve been doing genealogy, there has been no active genealogy group in Noble County, Ohio. Many times, I thought about trying to get one going, but living over two hours away was a bit of an obstacle. … Continue reading

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Update – “CSI: Euclid – Disappearance of a Cemetery”

About a year ago, I posted about a cemetery once located a half a mile from my house that seems to have disappeared. Yesterday, I bumped into someone – completely at random – that confirmed my findings. Here is the … Continue reading

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Finding Your Ancestors Titanic-Style

Yes, folks, I’m afraid it’s true. I’m here to make another analogy – the latest in a long line of analogies: puzzles, jalopies, basketball…and now sea exploration. Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic in 1985. He produced a documentary, “Save the Titanic” … Continue reading

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In Which I Appreciate What I Have and Forget About What I Don’t

There will be some genealogy here. Bear with me a moment… I was driving home from work a couple of weeks ago when I  stopped for a lengthy traffic light. It was one of the odd, tropical 80+ degree days … Continue reading

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StaatsofOhio: What’s in a Domain Name?

When I decided to start learning about website creation and design, the first thing I did was set up my own domain name. The initial site’s purpose was to talk about what my immediate family was doing, post our vacation photos,etc. I … Continue reading

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Fixing Your Genealogy Jalopy: A Metaphor

One of the things I’ve discovered over the course of my many life adventures is this: poverty is a wonderful motivator and teacher. During those lean years, I learned to do a number of things I might not have otherwise, … Continue reading

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1940 Census: Now That the Dust Has Settled

You would have thought it was the census Brigadoon, never to be seen again after Monday, April 2nd. Every blog, facebook post, and tweet was focused on the release of the 1940 census. Being the rebel I am, I swore … Continue reading

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Genealogy Seminar Organization: Not For the Faint of Heart

Phew. If you haven’t seen a post in a while, it’s because my brain is mush. You see, I hold the very lofty-sounding title of Seminar Chairperson. And the first seminar under my watch is tomorrow. Prior to this experience, … Continue reading

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“But it says right here in this record…”

A recent thread posted to one of the lists to which I belong has illustrated an important principle of research. In this particular example, the question was about misinformation knowingly provided on a marriage application. Both parties had provided false … Continue reading

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