The Curious Tale of Liddie Snyder (and PA Vital Records)

Upon returning home yesterday and checking my mail (postal mail…remember that?), I discovered mixed in amongst the bills and adverts, an envelope from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  When you send requests to Pennsylvania, you need to include a self-addressed … Continue reading →

Staats Ghost Stories: What a Newspaper Find!

I recently subscribed to [disclaimer: I have no affiliation or relationship, other than subscriber, with] and have spent some time perusing old newspapers. Whether online or on microfilm, this is probably the most memorable article found to date! … Continue reading →

Amanuensis Monday: Deed – Elijah Staats to John Callahan, 7 Oct 1800.

Welcome to my first post utilizing the Amanuensis Monday blogging meme! What is amanuensis, you ask? The definition offered by John Newmark, author of the Transylvania Dutch blog is this: “A person employed to write what another dictates or to … Continue reading →

“Unexpected Gold”..or “Why We Research Collateral Lines”…or “Ancestry Trees are Not Necessarily Tools of the Devil”

This week has been a whirlwind of three-hour tours. One of the trips – from Cleveland, OH to Marietta, OH – I didn’t even know I needed to make until a few months ago, yet it yielded one of my … Continue reading →