My website re-construction is underway!

A few years ago, my website was hacked and nefarious hyperlinks were inserted throughout numerous posts. Upon further review, the affected posts spanned years of content. I learned of this when I got a cease and desist email from a consumer watchdog agency alerting me to the issue. Since I couldn’t possibly locate every link in every post and was nervous about a the possibility there was still a back door to my website open somewhere, I decided to wipe the site clean and start over. I thought I backed up the content before I did it, but I was wrong.
Today I decided to start the process of recreating the blog one post at a time using the Wayback Machine. Many posts are dated because of technology, some are just bad, others just meh, so I am trying to weed through them all and just post what interests me, keeping the original post dates as a sort of historical record of my site.

If you’re not familiar with the Wayback Machine, give it a go to try and find now-defunct websites and their content!